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New Album!! Sept 1, 2021

Lead Me to the Rock

Lead Me to the Rock

The Solo Committee, Susan Booth Mack Snipes, Carey Loomis, and Sue Loomis are very happy to announce the release of Lead Me to the Rock. This album may be streamed for free from the BandCamp music service at solocommittee.bandcamp.com. Or you can stream it from the BandCamp app which is available for iPhone or Android. You may also download the entire album here (it will download as a single zip file).

Lead Me to the Rock is a compilation of Solo Committee songs. Some were recorded but never published. Other songs were performed but never recorded. For years after our last album in 2009 we thought about getting together one last time to record these songs and in 2021 it finally happened. Our fabulous recording engineer and artistic partner in St Louis, Peter Stevens, was willing to take on the project. So in March, we gathered for a full week of intensive but joyful rehearsal and then headed to St. Louis for 5 days of recording. We ended up with 25 recordings of songs we love.

We are grateful for the help and support of friends and family. Many of these songs were only possible with our extended Solo Committee family. We were blessed to have the calming presence, organizational skills, and the beautiful voices of Lizzie Loomis and Katie Walter. We were joined digitally from Brooklyn by our bass player. Dan Loomis adds his unique, jazz-inspired bass lines. We are so grateful to Judith Felch for the visual inspiration of her wonderful artwork, which she has allowed us to use for our cover. Finally, Bob Snipes was our selfless support crew for this project.

This music is free, but if you would like to make a donation of any amount, we would be most grateful. Please use the Paypal Donate button below. You do not need to have a Paypal account to pay. All major credit cards are accepted. Thanks for your support!


The Solo Committee, Susan Booth Mack Snipes, Carey Loomis, and Sue Loomis are happy you’ve found us. On our website, you can listen to our songs, and download them for free. Lyrics and sheet music are also available here. Our music is for sale on ITunes and Amazon.com. Our music can be found on Spirituality.com, Hymnstream.com, and various streaming services.

We often hear back from listeners who have found our music comforting and healing. If you have a story you’d like to share we’d love to hear it. You can reach us at TheSoloCommittee@gmail.com.

All of our albums are on Bandcamp

October 5, 2021
All Solo Committee albums are now available to stream for free on the BandCamp streaming service. Go to solocommittee.bandcamp.com or search for Solo Committee on the BandCamp app, which is available for both iPhone and Android.

Thoughts . . .

No matter where I go today
Truth will remain my steadfast stay.
Foundation sure, oh All-in-all,
Firm on the Rock, I’m standing tall.

Rock of Ages, Truth divine,
Be Thy strength forever mine;
Let me rest secure on Thee,
Safe above life’s raging sea.
Rock of Ages, Truth divine,
Be Thy strength forever mine.

From Lead Me to the Rock
by Susan Booth Mack Snipes CSB


Carey, Sue and Susan

Carey, Sue and Susan


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