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At the request of friends and fans, The Solo Committee has produced sheet music for many of your favorite songs. We have been delighted to be able to partner with Dr. Robert Rockabrand; his knowledge and expertise have been so valuable in writing this music. This was a work of love for us and those who helped us do it. Since our tunes are often conceived and performed within the space of a week, (as inspiration flows from each week’s Bible Lesson), words and guitar chords were the most that was written down for a new song. To go from there to an arrangement useable for keyboard and soloist requires lots more work, writing and editing and inspiration. We have gotten so many delighted responses and requests for other songs that this has become an ongoing effort for us. As new songs are finished, we will post them.

IAHY songbook cover
Companion song book to
I Am Holding You

This book includes: I Am Holding You, New Jerusalem, O Sing Unto the Lord, Give Me O Lord, With Me, The Lord’s Prayer

(Nov 2014) This book is out of print but all arrangements may be found at Watchfire music using the link below

This Babe songbook cover

Companion songbook to
Every Christmas Morn

This book includes This Babe That We Cherish, My Soul Doth Magnify, Unto Us, Good News, Christmas Joy, Christmas Morn

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