Track# 6 : David and Goliath
From album: 3 Steps and a Bounce

3 Steps and a Bounce

David and Goliath

Words and music by Susan Mack
Arranged by The Solo Committee

Verse 1
There went out a champion from the camp of the Philistines.
His name was Goliath-a giant of a man,
And he stood and cried unto Israel, why set your battle in array?
Choose you a man to fight-we’ll settle the matter in this way.

Give me a man, let him come down to me;
Or so the giant argues, but in Truth we always see
There’s only God’s man and he’s humble, strong and free.
There’s nothing opposed to God, all power belongs to Thee.

Verse 2
The people were afraid at first, the giant was so great.
But David said, I’ll fight with him, don’t ever be afraid.
He took his staff and five smooth stones, inside a shepherd’s bag,
Rejecting the kings armor, knowing it would hold him back.


Verse 3
It only took one stone, for David’s shot was strong and true.
It hit Goliath’s forehead, and down to the earth he flew.
The Israelites were glad and sang; they shouted out for joy,
For God was proved omnipotent by this young shepherd boy.