Track# 9 : The 5 W’s
From album: 3 Steps and a Bounce

3 Steps and a Bounce

The 5 W’s

Words and music by Susan Mack
Arranged by The Solo Committee

Verse 1
Who am I?  Soul is my identity.
I AM THAT I AM identifies me-
God’s self-awareness, the knowing of Mind,
The loving of Love that embraces mankind.

La la la la la …
La la la la la la….

Verse 2
What am I?  I’m the effect of one Cause.
Principle’s idea-I’m governed by laws
That are steady and constant, like the sun’s shining rays.
God’s tender control holds me all through my days.


Verse 3
Where am I?  I’m right where I should be,
In the infinite One, that has always held me.
Wherever I go, Mother God is right there,
So I’m always wrapped up in Her all-present care.


Verse 4
When am I?  I’m now and always will be,
Since Life eternal has always known me.
When the morning stars sang and they shouted for joy,
I was there too in my Father’s employ.


Verse 5
Why am I?  Love is the reason I am.
God needs me to be, since I’m part of God’s plan.
I’m the singing of Soul, the delight of Love’s care
And that’s why I am, yes, and who, what, when, where.