Track# 2 : The Beatitudes
From album: 3 Steps and a Bounce

3 Steps and a Bounce

The Beatitudes

Words and music by Susan Mack
Arranged by The Solo Committee

Happy are the poor in Spirit-those who know their need of God.
For they shall have God’s heavenly kingdom, where every thought is good.

Happy are the ones that mourn-sad that all earth holds is vain,
For they will find Love’s healing comfort, learning earthly loss is gain.

Happy are the truly meek-they do not reason selfishly.
And so they will the earth inherit and find their needs met graciously.

Happy are those hungering-thirsting, after righteous thoughts from Soul.
They are filled for God is pouring out His truth that’s always whole.

Happy are the merciful-forgiving those they want to blame,
For they shall truly be forgiven,-released from fault or shame.

Happy are the pure in heart, whose only focus is on Truth.
For they shall see God clearly, face to face, changeless and yet new.

Happy are the peacemakers-no matter what, they keep their peace,
For they shall be called God’s children, filled with loving, healing grace.

Happy are you even when you’re persecuted and called names
For you can know your nature is of God and always will remain the same.
For then you know you’re in God’s kingdom where love will always reign.