Track# 5 : I Will, I Will
From album: Grateful Hearts Unbounded

Grateful Hearts Unbounded

I Will, I Will

Words and music by Susan Mack
Arranged by The Solo Committee

Verse 1
Throughout Galilee our Master healed,
He embraced all the sick and the poor,
And his love spread around and they flocked to his side,
Asking him for their health to restore.

I will, I will, was the Master’s word.
It’s God’s will, so it’s natural to do.
I need no permission and make no excuse,
For in God’s eyes it’s already true.

Verse 2
One day came a leper beseeching him,
So humble he kneeled on the ground,
And he said, If you will you can make me clean,
For I’m leprous and sorely bound.

Verse 3
Then moved with such love that the mountains would melt,
Jesus put forth his hand to touch him.
Jesus said unto him, “I will, Be thou clean!”
You are held in God’s hand as I am.

Verse 4
And as soon as he spoke, then immediately,
All the pain and the sorrow were gone,
And that man was as clean as the day he was born,
And as pure as the sunrise each dawn.