Track# 8 : Thy Son Liveth
From album: Grateful Hearts Unbounded

Grateful Hearts Unbounded

Thy Son Liveth

Words and music by Susan Mack
Arranged by The Solo Committee

Verse 1
What would a father do to save his son,
Even a certain nobleman?
He’d travel so far from Capernaum
To seek out that Nazarene healer for him.

Come down, come down ‘ere my child die.
Come down, come down was the father’s desperate cry.
Come up, come up was Christ Jesus reply,
Thy son liveth and can never die.

Verse 2
With what power Jesus healed and with what dominion,
That the people concluded he must be a magician.
He said except ye see signs and wonders you won’t believe,
But it’s God’s law, not person that your sickness relieves.


Verse 3
Then without another word and without delay,
He obeyed Jesus word to go his own way,
And as he came home his servants rushed to tell
Proclaiming with joy that his son was well.


Verse 4
Now the father he asked them at what hour did he amend,
And they said, yesterday at seventh hour did fever end.
So the man and his whole house, they all did know the truth by then,
That it was the same hour in which Jesus healed him.

Come up, come up, until you know just why
They son liveth and can never die.