Track# 7 : Zacheus
From album: Grateful Hearts Unbounded

Grateful Hearts Unbounded


Words and music by Susan Mack
Arranged by The Solo Committee

Verse 1
I can imagine him, that hot and dusty day,
Despised by all those people upon whom he’d pray
For taxes; so much more than whatever they had due
And yet, he longed to see him, to see Christ Jesus, too.

Oh, Zacheus, can you see from there,
That the Master’s eyes are full of care?
That even one so short of height
Is worthy of the Master’s might,
Even one who did much wrong,
Can find a way above the throng?

Verse 2
And so he climbed up in a tree, a sycamore.
I picture him out on a limb, but maybe that’s just lore.
At any rate, we know this much, that soon the Master came.
He stopped and looked right up at him and called to him by name.


Come down, Zacheus, for with you I will abide.
With joy he came down right away–what an honor, oh what pride!
Did Zacheus feel his goodness then or sense his purity?
Did the Master’s actions give this man the peace of dignity?


I guess the people said, “How good can Jesus be?
He’s gone to be a guest with that old sinner from the tree.”
But it didn’t phase Christ Jesus, and Zacheus stood and told,
“The half my goods I give the poor–from whom I’ve taken, restore fourfold.”

Final Chorus
Oh, Zacheus, this is your blessed day,
Salvation and peace have come to you in this way.

For even one so short of height
Is worthy of the Master’s might.
Even one who did much wrong
Can find the way above the throng.
Even one so short of height
Is worthy to express what’s right.
Even one who did much wrong
Can find that all to God belong.