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His Tender Love and Watchful Care

Requests for a recording of hymns in which the words can be clearly heard so that their messages are transparent, have come to us from all corners of the globe. In moments of deepest yearning and spiritual searching, hymns become prayers that align our thoughts with God’s tender love, and assurance for His children.

In this spirit, we offer these 12 hymns in simple, prayerful settings of piano and solo voice in hopes that you will feel alone, all-one, with God.

–Susan Mack and Ellen Hanna

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1Hymn 245   X
2Hymn 224   X
3Hymn 237   X
4Hymn 234   X
5Hymn 360   X
6Hymn 148   X
7Hymn 7   X
8Hymn 195   X
9Hymn 99   X
10Hymn 361   X
11Hymn 3   X
12Hymn 306   X