Track# 3 : Faith
From album: Humility



Words and music by Susan Mack
Arranged by the Solo Committee

Verse 1
By faith Abraham was led forth,
To a city where he could worship one God.
By faith Moses saw the Red Sea part,
When he stepped forth and lifted his rod.

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for;
Evidence of things not seen.
Faith is the trust that what we hear from God
Means more than all the eyes can glean.

Verse 2
By faith Noah built that ark,
And when the flood came, his family stayed dry.
By faith Nehemiah built the wall,
Never listening to those who asked why.

Verse 3
By faith Joseph told the king’s dream
And he helped when the famine came.
By faith Jacob wrestled ‘till the break of day
And when he triumphed, he got a new name.

Verse 4
By faith the centurian came to Jesus,
Knowing the Master could heal.
When Jesus saw his faith, he said to the crowd,
“Now, this is the faith you should feel.”

We all have this faith in our hearts,
Given by the grace of our Lord,
Established within as the kingdom of heaven,
Assurance we hear from God’s word.