Track# 1 : Humility
From album: Humility



Words and music by Susan Mack
Arranged by The Solo Committee

Verse 1
When desire leads me astray,
When all that’s pure seems lost in gray,
When sin attracts like gravity,
I pray for humility.

For this is all my God requires.
She is the Cause that inspires
Me to live unselfishly,
In childlike humility.

Verse 2
When human pride fights for its way,
Self-justified, I would say,
“Why can’t the world live righteously?”
Then I pray for humility.


Verse 3
When my thoughts just won’t let go,
When my heart aches to know,
When my soul seeks clarity,
I pray for humility.


Teach me your justice, goodness for all.
Give me your mercy, which sees none can fall.
Help me to walk with you, God, faithfully,
For whatever you ask, you have caused me to be.


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