Track# 2 : Open Mine Eyes
From album: Humility


Open Mine Eyes

Words and music by Susan Mack
Arranged by The Solo Committee

Verse 1
The king of Syria warred against Israel
And took counsel with his servants saying,
“In such and such a place shall be my camp.”
But Israel kept escaping.

The King demanded, “How has this occurred?
Show me which of us is a spy’”
“None, my lord O king”, said his servant man.
“Elisha our whereabouts doth prophesy.”

Open, open mine eyes.
That I may see wondrous things
Out of Thy law.

Verse 2
So the king of Syria sent horses and chariots
To capture Elisha in Dothan.
The servant Gehazi in terror next morn
Told Elisha the Syrians had surrounded them.

“Fear not.” said Elisha, to this frightened one.
“They that be with us are more than all these.”
Lord, I pray Thee, open his eyes,
That he may see.


Verse 3
Then just in that change of beholding with God,
Gehazi was able to see.
The mountains were full of horses of fire
And Chariots of divinity.

Then Elisha, unseen, walked right through that army
And he diverted and led them to Samaria.
When the king of Israel would’ve killed the foe,
Elisha sent them home to Syria.