Track# 10 : The Lord Shall Reign
From album: Humility


The Lord Shall Reign

Words and music by Susan Mack
Arranged by The Solo Committee

The Lord shall reign.
The Lord shall reign everywhere.
The Lord shall reign forever and ever.
Sing ye His praises in prayer.

Verse 1
The Lord is our joy and our song.
The Lord is become our salvation.
Thy kingdom, O Lord, is glorious in power,
Our heavenly habitation.


Verse 2
Thou in Thy mercy hast led us forth,
Redeemed us and guided us home,
Home to our holy, abiding All.
No more shall our thoughts ever roam.


Who is like Thee, O Lord, our God?
Glorious in holiness?
Fearful in praises and wonders wrought,
Radiant in mercies that bless.