Track# 3 : Only a Mother
From album: Sweet Sacred Solos

Sweet Sacred Solos

Only a Mother

Words and music by Susan Mack

Verse 1
She came out of Nain; the crowd bore her on.
Her footsteps were heavy, tears fell to the ground.
Her son on the bier was so lifeless and still.
How would she survive even one more meal?

Only a mother would know how it feels
To lose a child, your only son.
Only a mothering Principle, Love,
Could come as the Christ and restore them to one.
Only our mothering, fathering God
Reveals that the kingdom is come.

Verse 2
It didn’t take long as the Master came close,
For his heart to respond with compassion and love.
His words were so simple, so tender and pure.
“Weep not, now, dear woman, there is nothing to fear.”


He came to the bier.  His touch stopped the parade.
“Arise!” he commanded.  The son sat up without aid
And he spoke to the crowd that was breathless with awe;
“God is one with his people through His life that is law.”