Track# 7 : To the Babe
From album: Every Christmas Morn

Every Christmas Morn

To the Babe

Words by Sue Loomis
Music by Carey Loomis

Verse 1
Wise men and camels traveled far
Guided by an awesome star.
Faithful wise men, now, today,
Show us how to find our way to the babe.

Wait! Watch! Open hearted;
Faithful, once you’re started.
Love still shines today,
Showing us the way to the babe.

Verse 2
Wise men watched the stars for signs
Of a king they went to find.
We watch news. We search online
But never see conclusive signs……

Verse 3
Wise men toiled on, unafraid,
And found the baby, sweetly laid.
They freely gave inspired wealth
I can give myself to the babe.


Trusting the star that guides me,
I find the babe beside me.
Mother Love will show me
Christ, who’s always loved and known me.

Verse 4
Wise men saved – warned by dreams,
They avoided Herod’s schemes.
Listen; don’t be led astray.
Go with angels all the way to the babe.