Track# 3 : Omni, Omni
From album: G is for God

G is for God

Omni, Omni

Words and Music by Susan Mack

Arranged by The Solo Committee


Omni, omni, omni, all

God has three omnis by which He is called.

Together they heal us of fear and of doubt,

For omni means all and it leaves nothing out.

Verse 1

God is omniscient, all science, all law.

“God’s law’s in 3 words, ‘I Am All.'”

The all-knowing Mind is mine and yours.

When God speaks it’s like a lion roars.


Verse 2

God’s omnipotent, all power, all cause.

Love’s strength is here and acts as laws.

There’s no other will and no other force

When God acts it’s like a big strong horse.


Verse 3

God’s omnipresent, God’s everywhereness,

God’s hereness, nearness and thereness;

There is no space that God doesn’t fill

And in His presence we all get still.