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G is for God

13 great songs for the young-at-heart. We have included some songs meant to teach about God’s attributes like “G is for God” and “The 5 G’s”; ways we know him like “Seven Names” and “Omni, Omni”; the story of Noah, and a big handful of prayers you can use all day, every day. You may even find a few old favorites like “Angels Watching Over Me” and “Shepard Show Me”.

We recorded three other great songs that didn’t make it on the CD but are in the spirit of this album.  They are included at the bottom.  Enjoy!

This album is out of print. Digital download is available at the iTunes store or Amazon. Solo Committee albums are also available for listening on Spotify ( and other streaming services.

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1A Verse for the Little ChildrenX XX
2G is for God XXXX
3Omni, OmniX XX
4Seven NamesX XX
5The 5 G'sX XX
6My Best FriendX XX
7Angels Watchin' Over MeX XX
8Noah's Story  XX
9The 5 W'sX XX
10Teach Me to Pray  XX
11The Morning Round  XX
12Feed My Sheep  XX
13A Verse for the Big ChildrenX XX
14Build the Wall Jerusalem (not on CD)X  X
15You are Always You (not on CD)   X
16All is Well (not on CD)X  X