Track# 10 : Teach Me to Pray
From album: G is for God

G is for God

Teach Me to Pray

Words by Sue Loomis, Susan Mack

Music by Carey Loomis

Arranged by The Solo Committee


Dear Lord, teach me to pray,

So I can know you better every day.

Dear Lord, teach me to pray,

So I can see your glory in every way.

Verse 1

Show me your holiness

And how you’re pure and true.

Show me your only-ness

And how I’m one with you.


Verse 2

Show me your presentness,

Your plan for me is here.

Show me your everness,

Your heaven always dear.


Show me your grace and peace

And how they always feed.

Show me who to bless

And how to meet their need

Verse 3

Show me how to forgive

And give unselfishly.

Show me how to live

And love as You love me.