Track# 5 : The 5 G’s
From album: G is for God

G is for God

The 5 G’s

Words and Music by Susan Mack

Arranged by The Solo Committee


God, good, guides, guards and governs me,

For I am what God knows Himself to be.

I can never leave God’s tender care.

For God is here and everywhere.

Verse 1

God thinks all of His thoughts as good

And so I act just the way I should

For all of my thoughts are good and true

Since God and I are one not two.


Verse 2

God guides me each and every day–

Gives me angel thoughts so I know the way

When I need to know what is right to do

I just turn to God and He guides me through.


Verse 3

God guards me through the day and night

So I’m always safe in His healing light

I can’t fall or get hurt since God’s everywhere

I can’t be afraid ‘cause I feel God’s care.


Verse 4

God is the law that governs me

His law is His allness that keeps me free

As His image and likeness I’m perfect and whole

God, good, guides, guards and governs all.