Track# 8 : With Me
From album: I Am Holding You

I Am Holding You

With Me

Words and music by Susan Mack
Edited/Arranged by The Solo Committee

Verse 1
When the needy seek water and there is none,
When their tongue fails for thirst, I will hear them.
I make the wilderness flowing springs.
I am Love, I am Life, so I do these things.

You are with Me, with Me, as reflection of light.
You are with Me, with Me, as expression of Life.
For with Me, with Me, is the fountain of Life.
For with Me, with Me, in my light shall you see light.

Verse 2
For as the rain comes down from heaven,
It waters earth and it blossoms as I have given.
So shall my word be that goeth forth from my mouth,
It’s not in vain, but bears fruit I send forth.


Verse 3
My love is excellent, trust in Me.
You are tucked up under the shadow of My wing.
You are abundantly satisfied with My thought
And you drink of the river of My pleasures, unsought.