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I Am Holding You

The title of this CD says it all! 13 moving, joyous, embracing songs with lyrical melodies, sweet harmonies, delightful recorder interludes, soulful guitar accompaniment, and resonant bass riffs will wrap the listener in the feeling of God’s everpresent love. The Solo Committee especially recommends this one for sharing with your friends of all faith-traditions.

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1I Am Holding You  XX
2New Jerusalem  XX
3O Sing Unto the Lord  XX
4I Will Pour Out My Spirit  XX
5Give Me O Lord  XX
6Simply Praising Him  XX
7Perfect Love Casts Out Fear  XX
8With Me  XX
9I Will Comfort You  XX
10Alleluia  XX
11I Know  XX
12The Lord's Prayer  XX
13Thou Art Mine  XX