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Peace Be Still

The Solo Committee solidifies its sound in this beautiful blending of voices, guitar, and recorder— 16 soulful original settings of Bible stories and passages that bring inspiration, comfort, and healing.

This album is out of print. Digital download is available at the iTunes store or Amazon. Solo Committee albums are also available for listening on Spotify ( and other streaming services.

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1Peace Be StillX XX
2Wilt Thou Be Made WholeX XX
3Neither Hath This Man SinnedX XX
4Dearly Beloved RejoiceX XX
5Freely Ye Have ReceivedX XX
6Ye Shall Know Them  XX
7Remember the Only Begotten Son  XX
8Let Us Walk in the SpiritX XX
9Fear Not Little FlockX XX
10Ye Shall Be HolyX XX
11Nothing Can Separate Us  XX
12May Christ Be PresentX XX
13Jairus’ Daughter with introX  X
14ShineX XX
15Mary and MarthaXXXX
16Thanksgiving PrayerX XX